Bodie Church in the Moonlight

Here's an awesome star trails image by +Swee Oh particularly nice since it was her first one! Bodie is a cool place to shoot at night, and moonlight enables the town and landscape to show up well with minimal noise in your photos.

We had a full moon on that night in June 2012, and we'll enjoy similar conditions when we return to Bodie this Saturday, October 4 with the moon 84% full.

For that visit to Bodie, we gathered photos after the trip in a group on Google's +Panoramio site, it's sad to see that Google site going away.

+Bodie Photo Workshops
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Originally shared by +Swee Oh

The Methodist Church, Bodie CA
My 1st star trails shot, thanks so much to +Jeffrey Sullivan and +Lori Hibbett for teaching me how to do this.
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County Barn at Sunset

From our last night photography workshop at Bodie State Historic Park on  August 30, 2014.  I can't wait to go back out in a couple of weeks. With the sun setting around 6:30, we'll have over 4.5 hours of night shooting, roughly double what is available when the sun sets much later in mid-summer!

I've opened up the last few spots for separate night ($325) and interior access ($225):
 +Bodie Photo Workshops 
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Bodie County Barn at sunset, August 30, 2014.

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My camera was capturing a time-lapse sequence when a ghostly figure drifted into the scene… It turned out to be +Tex Schneider , who had dropped by to light paint the old Chevy.
Our last workshop in Bodie is coming up October 4 and 5: +Bodie Photo Workshops  #nightphotographyworkshops   #bodiestatehistoricpark   #astrophotography  

Light painting the ’37 Chevy in Bodie August 30, 2014.

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Wild West Ghost Town Last Weekend

We had another amazing visit to Bodie last weekend.  Here are 14 more photos from our night and interior photography workshop.  Here's a link to the rest of my 2014 Bodie album on G+:
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Milky Way and Venus Rising

I found these over old cars at the site of an abandoned mine in the Mojave Desert earlier this month.  The Milky Way was rising around 3 am then and this was taken at around 4 am, but those times shifted an hour a couple of days later with Daylight Savings Time.  It'll be a lot more convenient to catch the Milky Way when it's available in the evening twilight this summer.

Here's an album with some of my night photos on G+:
My night photography workshop coming up on May 3 is nearly full:
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Milky Way and Venus rising over old cars – Mojave Desert, California, March, 2014.

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