Bodie’s 193 earthquakes over 1.5 Magnitude This Week

The shaking in Bodie continues! When I search the USGS site for earthquakes 1.5 and over, it shows 193 in the past week.

Apparently some windows have broken, some brick buildings have been damaged, so the park has been closed through Sunday so the damage can be assessed and buildings stabilized. The activity could last two months, so there is the possibility of strong aftershocks as well.

For photos of the historic town of Bodie, see my album with over 400:
Photo usage permission may be granted with appropriate credit, so contact me with any requests.

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Sixty-Three Earthquakes Near Bodie Last Night!

earthquakes-bodie-creek-aurora-bridgeport-hawthorneThe USGS reports 63 earthquakes between Bridgeport and Hawthorne last night, clustered around Bodie Creek, north of the historic town sites of Aurora and Bodie. The earthquakes included two of magnitude 5.7 and one of 5.5, in an area about 10 miles downstream from the town of Bodie, California.

By coincidence I was editing this sunset photo from Hawthorne last night, captured on my way back from Utah last month. Walker Lake is important for migrating and nesting birds such as pelicans, but in recent years the lake level dropped significantly due to excessive diversions for agriculture. All fish including the Lahontan Cutthroat trout living in the lake have died as the lake level dropped and the lake’s mineral content and alkalinity rose. It is still used for water by bighorn sheep in the neighboring mountains.

One of the largest employers in Hawthorne is the U.S. Army, which stores and dismantles old bombs and ammunition there. How would you like to be working on a 700-pound bomb during a 5.7 earthquake?

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Wild Nevada 2016 calendar release party Friday

Join me this Friday for the Wild Nevada 2016 calendar release party in the Reno/Tahoe area this coming Friday:
WHEN: November 06, 2015 at 4pm – 6pm
WHERE: Friends of Nevada Wilderness Headquarters
1360 Greg St, Suite 111
Sparks, Nevada 89431

This large calendar is only $13, and it raises funds for +Friends of Nevada Wilderness. You can order copies here:!/2016-Wild-Nevada-Calendar/p/27707136/category=0

My shot of a lightning storm over the Wovoka Wilderness was shot from a hilltop next to Masonic Road in the Bodie Hills, overlooking the East Walker River and the Rosaschi Ranch.

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Final Leg Home, Without My SUV!


SUV breakdown

My SUV on its last journey

After a breakdown on Friday and a diagnosis by a mobile mechanic on Saturday, it was time to drive from Salt Lake City, Utah back to Topaz Lake, in the Eastern Sierra on the California/Nevada border.  We reserved a rental full size SUV at one agency to fit our gear in, but it was unavailable when we showed up.  They tried to pawn off a RAV4 as full size, then substitute a pickup truck at 2X the price, but we eventually found a minivan elsewhere at a much more reasonable rate.

From our refuge at the Courtyard Marriott near the airport, we were on the highway west in minutes.  Crossing the rest of Utah and all but the last few feet of Nevada would be a trip of over 550 miles, about 8 hours.  First you pass south of the Great Salt Lake.  We had to pull off near a Morton Salt facility due to a very loud whistling sound, caused by the weather stripping on both sides of the minivan windshield.  Copious amounts of gaffers’ tape later, the musical vibrating minivan was silenced.

Next you cross the Bonneville Salt Flats, for about an hour.  Near the far end is where the Bonneville Speedway is, where drag races are held, land speed records are broken, and many car commercials are filmed.  This week none of that would be happening, since a heavy rain had left standing water on much of the salt flats, and water-softened rock salt elsewhere.  There were reflections in the water and mirage reflections int he distance, and it was impossible to tell the difference between the two until you were close to the area that you thought had been flooded from a distance.

From the Nevada border to Wells there were some interesting mountains.the Toano Range and the Pequop Mountains. From Wells you can see the colorful aspen-decorated Humboldt Range, where I’ve camped at Angel Lake in the past.

Immediately after Wells was the exit for Deeth, where I encountered interesting and chaotic weather on a photography trip to the Rocky Mountains in the fall of 2006.

Next you can see the Ruby Mountains, where aspen appeared to be in peak color.  It was tempting to look towards Nevada’s best-known leaf-peeping site or Lamoile Canyon and consider the trip out and back from Elko, but the drive today would be long enough without adding side trips to it.

The center of the state tends to be pretty dry and uninhabited, which is either beautiful or barren, or both.  It’s not hard to see in the middle of the state how important mining is to the economy, as you pass mining machinery for sale, roads with names like Newmont Mine Road, and the mines themselves, with mountains of tailings growing toward the sky.  The boom and bust cycles as people chase one resource or another also tend to leave some interesting abandoned towns and facilities that can be interesting to explore.

We exited US-80 by Fernley, home to a large warehouse, and continued through Yerington, where we were treated to a moonrise during sunset.  The following evening the moon would rise entering a total eclipse.

The trip started September 7 with Lassen Volcanic National Park, passed through the Olympic Peninsula, to the Canadian Rockies, then down the Rocky Mountains to Grand Teton National Park.  It ended September 26 with the return from Salt lake City.  I was hoping to add a week-long extension to Colorado to enjoy fall colors there, but life is what happens while you’re busy making other plans.

Returning early would give me time to prepare for my two-night photography workshop in Bodie State Historic Park.  Besides, if I’d have to be replacing my SUV, I had that unplanned expense to deal with… good thing I didn’t have the breakdown another 600 miles further from home.  But if you do take long trips, I can’t say enough for roadside assistance plans which give you the protection of a tow up to 200 miles!

I’m going to post the story of this trip on my blogs in installments, in reverse order, so that once they are all posted, they can be read straight through in chronological order to the end, no matter what section new readers may arrive in.   Here’s the new post describing the prior day, leading up to the loss of my SUV:

Total lunar eclipse, as seen from home at Topaz Lake on September 27, 2015

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Burning Man

For those of you who couldn't make ti to Burning man this week, these are the sorts of scenes we'll just have to enjoy vicariously (photos from 2012).

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Originally shared by +Burning Man 2012

Still More from Burning Man
From the nights when it wasn't super windy and dusty.

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Burning Man 2012

As I saw posts on social media from people going to Burning Man next week, I realized that I hadn't gotten through all of my photos from the last time I went, in 2012. Between the heat, the dust and the darkness, the conditions can be challenging for photography, but with hundreds of works of art and mutant vehicles, it's a hotbed of creativity and a riot of color.

In spite of a ban on commercial activity within the event, estimates on the economic impact on Northern Nevada alone ranged from $35 – 44M in 2012 (not including participants' preparations at home). Home Depot, Wal-Mart and many other retail establishments get cleaned out this week, selling building and camping supplies and groceries.
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Yellow Cactus in the Sweetwater Range

I drove from Bridgeport in the Eastern Sierra around the back side (east) of the Sweetwater Range this week, and found these yellow cactus blooming.

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Evening Rainbow on Topaz Lake

“A photo shouldn’t look edited. What do you want your photos to look like in 50 years?”+Cole Rise

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Storm Chasing in Nevada

At Topaz Lake on the California/Nevada border, +Lori Hibbett and I had a storm pass by earlier this month. We decided to chase it east into Smith Valley to see if we could catch some lightning photos. We didn't catch the storm there; it continued over the next set of mountains to sit south of Yerington. So we headed through Wilson Canyon and headed south, ending up in the Cambridge Hills as the skies cleared towards the setting sun, and sunset color spread under the storm clouds.

The storm was to the west, the sun was shining under it from the east, and we were under the edge, which ran north and south. We had some great opportunities as the sun went from yellow to orange, and the clouds took on shades at the blue end of the spectrum.

We stuck around to capture a time-lapse of the clouds moving as the storm dissipated, and as the nearly-full moon rose behind them.

See the rest of the story in my new blog post:
Storm Chasing in Nevada

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Lyon County Sunset

Another photo from the storm chasing over the weekend, with the sun shining under the edge of a storm.

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