First Light on Banner Peak and Mt. Ritter

The first morning of my June 2-4 Eastern Sierra workshop started of with a nice reflection of The Minarets, Banner Peak and Mt. Ritter near Mammoth Lakes, California.

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Lunar Eclipse Setting Over Sierra Nevada, October 2014

I've posted the full story of the pursuit of lunar eclipse photos on this night on my blog, including a shot of Uranus next to the red, eclipsed moon:

G+ is being "streamlined" lately in so many ways: circle shares are gone, G+ account links are gone from the Google header, ripples are gone, post share statistics have been removed from the API. I've seen activity on my posts here decline to 1/4 to 1/10th the rate of only a few months ago. Let's connect wherever else you're active, so we can stay in touch in spite of any more G+ "streamlining"! Please feel free to post your links in the comments below.

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I've been a huge fan of the feature advancement and engagement on G+ for the past 4 years, so while I have to view feature erosion with some concern, I'll keep posting here as long as it has a pulse.

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Eastern Sierra Fall Colors Last Week

We'll be back out this Friday… hopefully there will be some colorful leaves left after the winds over the last couple of days.

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Eastern Sierra Fall Colors , Week of October 5 – 10
A lot has changed here in the Eastern Sierra over the last few days due to 24 hours of high winds, but here's how it looked last week. The Mono Basin probably had the greenest trees, most likely to survive the winds, including the areas around June Lake Loop, Lee Vining Creek and Mill Creek.
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