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It is said that the best camera is the one in your hand… and often the fastest to your hand is your smartphone!

I've started iPhone albums on G+, and on Flickr as well:
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In Album iPhone 6S+ Photos

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Sample Photos, iPhone 6S+

I'm not sure if I have a G+ album for photos from the iPhone 6S+ that I picked up last fall. I can't seem to find the album in the G+ Photos tab, but when I go to post photos an iPhone 6S+ album is offered, so let's see where these photos go when I add them to it.

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In Album iPhone 6S+ Photos

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Death Valley's Other Superbloom: Insects

The "super bloom" of flowers in Death Valley has created a corresponding rise in insect life as well! I've added a few insect macro photos to the front of my iPhone 6S+ album.

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iPhone 6S+ Samples: Added 20+ from Death Valley

Sometimes grabbing a mobile phone is more convenient than changing lenses in a dusty, pollen-filled environment. I can also use accessory lenses without the complications of getting dust on my sensor. I've added a couple of dozen new photos to my iPhone 6S+ album on Google Photos so you can see some of the shots I've tried it on lately.

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iPhone 6S+ Photos
49 new photos · Album by Jeff Sullivan

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Early Bloom in Death Valley

There are early wildflowers with above average density in some portions of Death Valley this week. Heat may cause the current flowers to wither a bit, but some areas that received water haven't really started showing much yet, so there could be another bloom coming in many areas with more "normal" timing in a few weeks. In a normal season however wildflower blooms can be scattered and weak, so unless we get more rain from this El Nino weather pattern, the current dense areas could well turn out to be the peak for the park in 2016.
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Wildflowers Last Weekend in Death Valley

Over the weekend I was playing with the +olloclip lenses I bought for my iPhone 5S about 18 months ago, and came up with some fun results!

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+Death Valley Workshops

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More Death Valley Wildflowers, 2015
Mostly iPhone 5S photos in this batch. I'll have more DSLR images soon from my 2nd and 3rd 2015 Death Valley visits.

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iPhone Bokeh

Sometimes I pull out my cell phone to capture a shot, either to take advantage of the depth of field, to capture a simple panorama with no extra steps, to use a fish eye or macro lens in my pocket, or simply to record a place, thing or moment conveniently without having to get out a DSLR.

My iPhone 5S has been close to full for months now, so I can either clear out many of the images and videos, or I can (delete them all and) trade up to an iPhone 6+. I've been very impressed with the photos I've taken on +Lori Hibbett 's 6+, but I'm close enough now though to whatever might come out from Apple in the Fall, either a 6S or 7, that the other possibility is waiting for something even better.

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An iPhone Visits a Ghost Town

It sounds like the setup for a joke, but the punch line is… as a camera it did pretty well! The park hasn't touched most of the interiors in decades, and they don't want anyone even disturbing the dust. So having a light "camera" that is easy to maneuver can be particularly handy for low angle perspectives and hard-to-reach places where a big camera would be awkward.

As in past years, most of our Bodie workshops in 2015 bundle six hours of sunrise & interior access with another six to seven hours of sunset and night shooting. Our June 11 date is nearly full, but the others have room at the moment:

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Planet and Moon Conjunction at Sunrise

Venus, Jupiter and crescent moon just now (quick snap with iPhone 5S). #astronomy #news #iphoneography #astrophotography

Planet and Moon Conjunction at Sunrise
Venus, Jupiter and crescent moon just now (quick snap with iPhone 5S). #astronomy #news #iphoneography #astrophotography

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A Camera in Your Pocket

It's amazing how good camera phones are getting… I can't wait to see how good they get in the next 5 years!  Here are a few shots from my recent Death Valley trips.
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Death Valley on a Mobile Phone
Can decent pictures be taken on a device which isn't primarily a camera?  Sometimes.
When my landscape photography guide book to Southern California is done, I'll be resuming my photography workshops to Death Valley:
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