Sample Chapter from "Photographing California – South"

My publisher has posted a sample chapter featuring the Central Coast, from Morro Bay to Carpinteria:
Best ordering options are described here:
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Yosemite Chapter

This is the header page for my chapter covering Yosemite National Park, in my new guidebook to California landscape photography locations:

I'll have copies signed and shipping in about 2 weeks!

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Blue Hour at the Bodie Church

A shot that I ran across from one of our night photography workshops in late June 2013. We've opened up separate registration for nights and mornings/interiors to fill our last few spots for 2015:

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Southern California Photography Locations

Now that I'm done exploring new areas for my Southern California guidebook, I should have more time to also write or expand blog posts covering some of those areas. The book will only cost an amount equivalent to a few gallons of gas or a fraction of one night's stay at a motel, so if it can make your own travels and explorations only slightly more productive, it should prove to be a worthy investment.

The book will be available in both 320-page printed format, as well as ebook.

I'll make a little more when I sell the book directly, so I'll take pre-orders for author-signed copies as the release date approaches. It would be cool to sell the first box of 150 before it arrives!

I'm building a "book interest" circle to tell people about the book when it ships, let me know if you want to be added to it!

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Route 66 in the Mojave Desert
Amboy and beyond.

New blog post:

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Route 66 in the Mojave Desert
Roy’s Motel Cafe alongside historic Route 66 In the spring months I’m often passing through the Mojave Desert, which puts me on historic Route 66. There are a number of old houses and businesses along the way, mostly in va…

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California's North Coast

I'm adding some photos to my Northern California album on G+ so I can add them to a blog post on some of my travels there:

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Wildflowers Last Weekend in Death Valley

Over the weekend I was playing with the +olloclip lenses I bought for my iPhone 5S about 18 months ago, and came up with some fun results!

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+Death Valley Workshops

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More Death Valley Wildflowers, 2015
Mostly iPhone 5S photos in this batch. I'll have more DSLR images soon from my 2nd and 3rd 2015 Death Valley visits.

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First Light on the Dry Lake

I arrived before dawn to catch the best light in this location. There are dry lake beds all over Southern California, and most of them offer interesting textures like this.

I captured this image a few months before Google+ existed, so I haven't shared it individually on G+ yet, but I'm trying to catch up on sharing some nice images like this one, one of my favorites from 2011.

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California Wildflower Season Begins

After catching the moon, Mars and Venus setting behind Mount Whitney Friday night, +Lori Hibbett and I continued south to Antelope Valley to check on the progress of the wildflowers, which will be blooming over the next 9 weeks. Many areas still have weeks to go before peak bloom, but some warm, well-lit locations like this are blooming a little early. This faces southeast, so the rocks reflect sunlight and radiate heat onto the patch of wildflowers below, bringing spring a little early.
I can't wait to get back out to Death Valley and surrounding areas when much of the Mojave Desert is blooming! Some folks are predicting the best bloom since the epic year of 2005, and in many places I've seen so far this year, I think that they're right.
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Red Rock Canyon State Park Last Friday
Wildflowers in the Mojave Desert near the town Mojave.

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Road to Nowhere

Well, it's a dead end road, so it goes somewhere, but not very far, and it's "in the middle of nowhere"…
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