2017 Best Nine: Nature, Landscape, Travel Photography

2017 Best Nine photographs from California

2017 BestNine photographs by Jeff Sullivan Photography.

There a site that can analyze your Instagram feed and arrange the nine most popular ones into a new image for you to share. Scroll to the bottom here to create yours:

Drop by my #2017BestNine on Instagram and leave a comment to let me know when you’ve uploaded yours, and I’ll go check yours out!

The site will also let you create your #2016BestNine if you haven’t already done so:
Best Nine of 2016?

Last year I also created my #2015BestNine, as shown here:
Best Nine of 2015?

Another option you have is to include statistics on your account for the year:

2017 Best Nine photographs from California

2017 BestNine photographs by Jeff Sullivan Photography.

It says roughly 40,000 “views”, but they seem to actually be likes. If the views-to-likes ratio is similar on Instagram to what I see on Flickr, the views would be roughly 10X more, or 400,000.

I had a few more “views” (or likes) in 2016, but had to upload more photos to get them:

2016 Best Nine photographs from California

2016 BestNine photographs by Jeff Sullivan Photography.

Overall my audience growth is pretty slow on Instagram, and I still have a lot more views on Flickr, the photos get views for longer, and the strong keyword tagging and search features means that the photos get found occasionally for commercial licensing. Obviously Instagram’s parent company Facebook has tremendous resources to invest in Instagram, and with nearly 600 photos there already, I remain optimistic that I’ll see more of an uptick in activity on my photos on Instagram in 2018!

My most popular photo on Flickr, with 1,538,443 likes, 21,292 favs, 1023 comments:
Water Cuts Rock

My most popular photo on Instagram?  886 likes, 33 comments:

The stats themselves don’t mean much, obviously I’m focusing on my photography not social media or I’d have more Instagram activity.  If I produce compelling work, the rest will eventually take care of itself.  But with little times to spend on social media and photo sharing sites, it’s useful to pay attention to where what little time I do have is best spent. So I’ll continue to pay attention to where my photography seems to get the best reception.

Other ways to look back at my new 2017 images and fresh edits of older ones?  I collected my favorites in a post on this blog:
Top 10 Travel Photos 2017

I selected those from over 100 that I nominated during the year as I was taking them, stored in a 2017 Favorites album on Flickr:

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Light Painting Photo Featured on Flickr’s Blog


This light painting was featured on Flickr’s blog along with several others to celebrate the best photos of 2010.  Welcome Flickr blog readers, and thank you Flickr!

This image was created on the Badwater salt flats in Death Valley National Park. I had a flashlight with three colors of LED light. During this single 30 second exposure I lit each color for close to 10 seconds while waving my arm around up and down (which traces a sphere, like a pumpkin).

The Badwater salt flats are particularly good for light painting, since there’s minimal light pollution and the white surface reflects light well.

Death Valley offers a number of interesting landscapes for light painting… go explore!

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Is it Facebook vs. Flickr, or Both vs. Google?

An article on the PhotoShelter blog “What Google trends Says About Wedding & Stock Photography, and Photo Websites” proposes that a drop in Flickr ratings on Google Trends may be due to an increase in the popularity of Facebook for photo sharing. I disagree strongly with the article’s conclusions.

The drop in Yahoo-owned Flickr status in competitor Google’s trend ratings was probably more due to internal workings of the Google search engine to stop referring Google image search results over to their competitor’s site Flickr. I’ve seen this firsthand in my Flickr statistics. I used to get nearly 30% of my Flickr views from Google search users, now I get close to zero. Meanwhile my Google hits on Panoramio have skyrocketed to over 5 million views on a handful of images.

Facebook’s ratings on Goolge Trends also pummeted, so the same engineered obsolescence is probably true for Google’s referral to anything over on Facebook, since Facebook is now emerging as a competitor for Google’s dominance over Internet eyeballs. Facebook’s drop in Google’s ratings is far too precipitous to be attributed to a simple familiarity with Facebook’s name, as proposed in the article.

The existing fight between Yahoo and Google has expanded to include Facebook, as demonstrated by Facebook’s announcement this week of an email service that aspires consolodate messages from all sources. Google is simply taking prudent steps to minimize the extent to which their site promotes their competitors.

The bottom line for photographers? Flickr will remain strong with Yahoo search users, Google-friendly sites will dominate Google searches, and Facebook is an island unto itself, albeit a really big island that wants to aggregate all your content.

For the moment Flickr is a site with robust sharing photo sharing features but a rabid paranoia of all things external, including standard social media platforms, so it’s dangerous to try to interact around Flickr photos (post external links and they reportedly may delete your account suddenly and unexpectedly). So Facebook appears to be the only major player with a viable solution friendly to social media integration at the moment. Although their tools for photographers seem a little lacking at the moment, their pool of app developers are working diligently to solve that problem for them.

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My Photography in the Second Saturday Art Walk This Saturday

VOX Sept flyer, originally uploaded by jillallyn.

I’ll be joining approximately 25 photographers from the Sacramento area this Saturday to display my works during the Second Saturday Art Walk in downtown Sacramento.

If you haven’t been to the Second Saturday Art Walk, it’s a fun event with all kinds of art, and many galleries have musicians playing and serve hors d’œuvres. Other businesses open for business during the event as well. one of my favorite stops the last time I attended was a winery that has established itself downtown.

The gallery will be open on Saturday night from approximately 6-10pm. I’ll try to be there from 6-7pm or so. Come on down to 1931 H Street and say “Hi”!

For a map to the VOX Sacramento gallery, visit their Web page: www.voxsac.com/

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