Massive DC-10 Fighting the Slinkard Fire Above My House

This was two evenings ago. Since then the active fire line had moved north and west.

#SlinkardFire #wildfire #news

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4 thoughts on “Massive DC-10 Fighting the Slinkard Fire Above My House

  1. I've seen smaller planes doing retardant drops before. But seeing a DC-10, up close and personal like that would be amazing.

  2. And I thought the last one was a bit large (I didn't get a good look).

    I'm about 95% sure it wasn't a DC-10 though.

    A little poking around, 10 Tanker is flying one of their DC-10's (tail number 911) on the Deitweiller fire, and GST is flying a fucking 747-400 (tail number 944) out of here for the Ponderosa fire. I'll try to get a photo if the air is good & I hear her light up the engines before takeoff.

    FWIW, the DC-10 carries around 10K gallons of retardant. The 747, almost double that, or the equivalent of a 15'x30'x6' deep swimming pool.

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