Blue Hour at Mono Lake

After the "super moon" rise at Mono Lake last month, I stayed to get a blue hour photo of these tufa rock formations, back-lit by the light of the full moon. I entered this and several other photos in the annual calendar contest conducted by the +Mono Lake Committee… fingers crossed! #landscapephotography #photographyworkshops #monolake #california #easternsierrs


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18 thoughts on “Blue Hour at Mono Lake

  1. とても美しい青色の世界に感動しました❗🎶

  2. Hello +Jeff Sullivan​, i followed you and your collections as i think you have shot many amazing photos! And i hope to learn a bit from your experience.

    I just started a few mo ths ago with Photography, not owning a professional camera yet , so i am doing it with my smartphone.. Luckily these days those have become pretty powerful and handy.
    I have some collections myself i hopefully sometimes will receive a little feedback on.

    With close to 2million followers i know my chances are little to let you catch a glimpse upon my own work..yet i will atleast enjoy most of yours.

    Have a nice day and thanks for your time of you read this..


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