Bodie Researched for Alton Towers Theme Park

This was a fun video to shoot. U.K. theme park Alton Towers decided to research an authentic mining town for their Altonville Mine Tours attraction they’re opening this week. We spent one day up in Bodie capturing video, time-lapse footage, stills, interviews and sounds, and this was the result.

The day before the Alton Towers shoot in Bodie it was snowing on us

I’d like to thank the California Film Commission for the quick turnaround on our film permit, Bodie State Historic Park / +California State Parks for supporting the research and production, and +Lori Hibbett for producing sunrise and night time-lapse footage of Bodie’s iconic car on the shoot.  The main cameras used for the production were the Canon EOS 5D Mark III and EOS 6D by +Canon USA.  Lori uses the Nikon D800E and D750 by +Nikon USA.

For more information on accessing the historic buildings and town of Bodie, California, for photography or filming, contact Jeff Sullivan Photography, www,

Jeff also teaches night photography workshops in Bodie, and night and landscape photography workshops in Yosemite, Death Valley, and the Eastern Sierra.  His 2017 schedule will be released shortly.

This photo of Bodie by Jeff was featured on the cover of Locations International 2015, a directory of locations for film location scouts that was distributed at the Cannes Film Festival.

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23 thoughts on “Bodie Researched for Alton Towers Theme Park

  1. That's awesome Jeff! Did you do the final video? And the mine tunnels are those open to the public? I don't remember ever seeing them.

  2. +John Getchel I didn't produce the final video, the production schedule was tight and they wanted to mix the Bodie content with images and video of their attraction. The mines in Bodie are mostly vertical shafts, and are not open to the public.

  3. +Donna McClure It sure felt like the coldest place four days ago when it was 16 degrees at the end of our night photography workshop there!

    Bodie is often competing with Truckee, California and locations in Montana, North Dakota, and Minnesota for the honor of coldest place.

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