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I've started a new page on G+, where I'll be making most of my new posts first, so you may want to follow my page and collections there: +Jeff Sullivan Photography

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Mono Lake / Eastern Sierra Workshop Last Week
As I did most of the summer, I held an Eastern Sierra workshop adjacent to my Bodie workshop last weekend, so people could see more of the area and get some practice with night photography before getting to Bodie on Sunday. Summer evenings are often windy, but that doesn't mean that you can't get good sunset shots!

We actually spent some time up in the Tioga Pass area as well, enjoying afternoon cumulous clouds, sunset, and night photography.
I'll have a couple of fall workshops in early October when we can revisit those areas:

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  1. I appreciate that +Donna McClure ! For some reason, I couldn't create a business profile with my existing G+ pages, and use "Google Plus My Business" to get a business listing. So to get my photography business to exist, I'm essentially starting all over on G+!

  2. とても素晴らしい大自然の風景を、ありがとうございます(^^)

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