California Wildflower Season Begins

After catching the moon, Mars and Venus setting behind Mount Whitney Friday night, +Lori Hibbett and I continued south to Antelope Valley to check on the progress of the wildflowers, which will be blooming over the next 9 weeks. Many areas still have weeks to go before peak bloom, but some warm, well-lit locations like this are blooming a little early. This faces southeast, so the rocks reflect sunlight and radiate heat onto the patch of wildflowers below, bringing spring a little early.
I can't wait to get back out to Death Valley and surrounding areas when much of the Mojave Desert is blooming! Some folks are predicting the best bloom since the epic year of 2005, and in many places I've seen so far this year, I think that they're right.
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Red Rock Canyon State Park Last Friday
Wildflowers in the Mojave Desert near the town Mojave.

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