Milky Way and Venus Rising

I found these over old cars at the site of an abandoned mine in the Mojave Desert earlier this month.  The Milky Way was rising around 3 am then and this was taken at around 4 am, but those times shifted an hour a couple of days later with Daylight Savings Time.  It'll be a lot more convenient to catch the Milky Way when it's available in the evening twilight this summer.

Here's an album with some of my night photos on G+:
My night photography workshop coming up on May 3 is nearly full:
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Milky Way and Venus rising over old cars – Mojave Desert, California, March, 2014.

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3 thoughts on “Milky Way and Venus Rising

  1. A very beautiful and amazong picture.  Any chance that a more high res version would be available somewhere.  I would love you use this as my desktop background.  (I have a Chrome Pixel, and it uses very high res images if you want them to look nice). Thanks

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