Mojave Desert in Spring

I can't wait for Spring in California, although with the lack of rain we've had this winter, I don't know if we'll see any sights like this on from 2011, where miles and miles of this valley were carpeted in yellow goldfields and orange poppies.  I'll be taking at few trips to the Mojave Desert this year, including one for wildflowers and another for night photography.

Google+ no longer accepts keywords for photos and I can't quickly search by keyword to create an album on G+, so to show you more Mojave Desert photos I'll have to refer you to the set I just created from some of my photos over on Flickr:

Update: I've started to create a Mojave Desert album on G+ through manual uploads:
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Mojave Desert, California, Spring 2011

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32 thoughts on “Mojave Desert in Spring

  1. +Jeff Sullivan Maybe you should offer a "rain dance" trip!

    Some domesticated trees in the Bay Area are already blossoming out (while some sycamores still haven't dropped their dried/brown leaves, yet.

    Record warm temps and record low rainfall…not a good combo.

  2. El desierto es bello, todo depende con los ojos que lo observemos; aun en los tiempos mas dificiles de nuestra vida, tenemos hambre y sed vivir. El mundo es un paraiso que nadie quire en este mundo dejar de exsistir. Disfruta de lo hermoso de la vida no importa el suelo que pises: vale la pena vivir, te lo digo poe experiencia propia. Amor y Paz para tu vida.

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