A shot from my testing of the Canon EOS 6D body I picked up last month. I had been shooting it like I had been shooting my Canon EOS 5D Mark III for the past few years, but it turns out, as is often the case, that the newer camera deserves its own unique approach. There's no substitute for performing your own exhaustive research on your new cameras, so you can best integrate any extended capabilities into your workflow. My Bodie, Eastern Sierra and White Mountains/Bristlecone Pines workshop customers will be getting an earful in the next 2 weeks.

Even though the 6D is only about a year newer than the 5D Mark III, I couldn't do this with the older model. The 6D model is now a couple of years old, so I have very high expectations for what Canon can accomplish with the rumored 5D Mark IV model that may be coming this fall!

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Summer Solstice Sunrise Moon Set

On the summer solstice this year the full Strawberry moon set just after sunrise before it rose again shortly after sunset that evening. The last time the full moon came on the summer solstice was in 1967. The next time will be on June 21, 2062, although it'll come close on June 20, 2035.

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First Light on Banner Peak and Mt. Ritter

The first morning of my June 2-4 Eastern Sierra workshop started of with a nice reflection of The Minarets, Banner Peak and Mt. Ritter near Mammoth Lakes, California.

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South Tufa Milky Way Panorama

Before my June 4/5 Bodie workshops I held a short Eastern Sierra workshop to show some of my customers some additional locations. One of the places we went was Mono Lake, to catch the Milky Way rising over the calcium carbonate tufa formations.

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New Album Covering Tioga Pass Road

I'll kick off this new album with 35 photos from my visits to the Tioga Pass area over the past couple of months. We should be able to access this area from four or five of my Yosemite and Eastern Sierra workshops this year.

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In Album Tioga Pass Road, Yosemite National Park

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Fine Tuning the Itinerary

I'm a bit obsessive about my workshops. People come from a long way to attend them, so I want to make sure that they get the best possible opportunities presented to them in the limited time that we have. For the short Eastern Sierra / Tioga Pass workshop leading up to my Bodie night and interiors workshop in early June, I did several scouting laps of the area we'd cover to make sure that I knew where the wildflowers were best, where the Milky Way was and how it would be positioned, whether or not the morning air was still cold enough to produce steam by the local hydrothermal pools and when the light would strike it, where lakes and ponds were free of ice along Tioga Pass Road and where snow melt ponds provided unique and ephemeral reflections. We only had a couple of days before heading up to Bodie, but we packed a lot of opportunities into that time.

That format of having a little extra night photography practice leading up to the Bodie session worked well, so I can't wait for my next Eastern Sierra workshop coming up later this month!

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In Album Eastern Sierra Spring 2016

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High Sierra Sunset Reflection

This is later in the evening last week when I consulted the SkyFire sunset forecast in +The Photographer's Ephemeris (TPE) app and followed its advice to some nice sunset conditions.

I have room in several workshops this year that may visit this spot:
+Jeff Sullivan Photography
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June Milky Way Over Bodie Church

I completed my second Bodie night photography workshop of the year June 27. I just added a sixth date, September 17, as July 29, August 28 and October 1 became sufficiently full.

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Milky Way Over Half Dome

Originally shared by +Jeff Sullivan Photography

After July 4 fireworks in the Eastern Sierra, I headed up into the Sierra Nevada on Yosemite's Tioga Pass Road to capture some Milky Way shots. I waited at Olmsted Point until the Milky Way would be in the composition above Half Dome. This is a composite of two exposures, one for the foreground and one for the sky.

There was a lot of light pollution here, as well as smoke along the horizon from California's fires, but the air was clear enough for a reasonable result.

We'll be able to head up on Tioga Pass Road fr shots like this during my upcoming Eastern Sierra workshops this year:

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High Sierra Golden Hour Reflection

Originally shared by +Jeff Sullivan Photography

I consulted the SkyFire sunset forecast in The Photographers Ephemeris (TPE) app last night, and followed its advice to some nice sunset conditions!

I still have room in workshops this year that can visit this spot in July, August or September:

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