Free Perfect Effects 9 for 500px Members

Are you interested in trying more black and white conversions with more flexibility? If you're a +500px member, you may be eligible for a free copy of +on1 Perfect Effects 9 software to give yourself more options for black and white conversion (as well as many color effects as well). Here's my blog post today on the offer:

I used Perfect Effects 8 to convert this photo “Moon Rising by Half Dome” to black and white. See it on 500px:
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Moon Rising by Half Dome
The moon rises by Half Dome in Yosemite National Park. Converted to black and white using on1 Perfect Effects 8.

500px members were recently offered a free copy of on1 Perfect Effects 9. Check your email inbox for the offer last week, or try this link:

500px Offers onOne Perfect Effects 9 free to Current Members

Trial of OnOne Perfect Effects 8Second BeachHalf Dome from Sentinel BridgeBodie on a Snow Day

onOne Perfect Effects, a set on Flickr.

If you’re a 500px member, they’re offering a free copy of onOne Perfect Effects 9.  Try this link (or if if doesn’t work, check your inbox for an email from 500px a few days ago):

I saw a similar offer a while back to get Perfect Effects 8 for free, so I’ve used it on a few photos.  I find it particularly interesting for conversion to black and white, since I can pre-process in Adobe Lightroom, transfer the photo to Perfect Effects and select from many conversions and fine tune the effects, then a TIF file is transferred back to Lightroom for any additional fine tuning required.  It’s flexible, fast and seamless. (I’m not sponsored by either company, just sharing a workflow that I’m exploring and finding useful.)

There can also be an interesting outcome de-saturating a color image for an aged photo look, or restoring/improving color on an image which has had its color affected by another process such as HDR. Hop on over to my Perfect Effects Flickr album and see some examples. I’ll add more images to Flickr for the album shortly.

Moon and Half Dome

Free Perfect Effects 9 from on1 Software

It’s Not the Camera

Water Cuts RockLast Light in CanyonlandsJoshua TreeFront Lines

It’s Not the Camera, a set on Flickr.

Via Flickr:

I’ve created a set on Flickr containing over 100 photos taken with “point and shoot”, cell phone, or old DSLR cameras (10 years old or more) with 8 megapixels or less.

Sure, newer cameras and higher-end lenses can offer some benefits in specific circumstances, but basics like composition and light are often more important, as many of these images demonstrate.

Cameras represented in the album include a 2 megapixel Olympus D490-Z purchased in 2001, 5 megapixel Canon Powershot G5 from 2004, a Canon Digital Rebel XT from 2005, a GoPro 3+ Black, and an iPhone 5S.

I’m not going to give up my newer DSLRs any time soon, but there is a lot of truth to the adage that the best camera is the one that’s in your hand!

It's not the camera

Captured on a Canon XT purchased in 2005.

Mammatus Clouds Over Bodie

Don't forget to consider black and white conversion for some of your digital photos. I'm thinking of conducting a black and white workshop in Bodie this year. Contact me if that sounds interesting to you.

If you're a +500px member, you may be eligible for a free copy of +on1 Perfect Effects 9 software to give yourself more options for black and white conversion (as well as many color effects as well). Here's my blog post today on the offer:

I used Perfect Effects 8 to convert this image to black and white. I'll start adding more of the images I processed with PE to an album here on G+:

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First Light on the Dry Lake

I arrived before dawn to catch the best light in this location. There are dry lake beds all over Southern California, and most of them offer interesting textures like this.

I captured this image a few months before Google+ existed, so I haven't shared it individually on G+ yet, but I'm trying to catch up on sharing some nice images like this one, one of my favorites from 2011.

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Horsetail Fall, Yosemite National Park

A number of conditions have to be just right for Horsetail Fall to flow at all, but you also need clear skies to the west for it to also be backlit by the setting sun. It can take photographers years of trying before they arrive in Yosemite National Park before all of the right conditions occur.

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Sunset Reflection at Valley View

I recently re-edited this Yosemite photo in +Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5. Here's the original field edit from 2010:

Lightroom 5 consistently gives me better results when I revisit most of my photos 2 or more years old. I have to reformat a lot of images for my upcoming guidebook anyway (, so I'm ending up with better photos as i go. I'm discovering some new ones that I had originally passed up as well, which turn out well when post-processed with current software.

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Earlier Image of the Moon, Mars, Venus Conjunction

I was researching places to catch this event, and +Lori Hibbett suggested "How about Mount Whitney?"
I identified three roads we could catch it the moon setting behind Mount Whitney at three different times, and this first location ended up being.the best.

Here's my time-lapse video of the moon and planets setting:

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+Eastern Sierra Nevada Workshops

Originally shared by +Lori Hibbett

Last Friday at Sunset there was a conjunction of Mars, Venus and the Crescent moon. I opted to run down to Lone Pine and capture the moment over Mt. Whitney, the highest point in the lower 48 states of the USA. It was chilly but beautiful!


Slot Canyon in Death Valley National Park

I can't wait to return to Death Valley next month! There were places where the wildflowers should be stunning this year. This photo is from a preview trip I took last month with +Lori Hibbett, +Nicole Sullivan and +Thomas Sullivan last month.
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Moon, Mars, Venus Setting Over Mount Whitney

As the February moon, Mars and Venus conjunction approached, I researched where to stand to catch it setting over Mount Whitney, tallest mountain in the Lower 48 states. +Lori Hibbett and I headed to Lone Pine to test my prediction. Here's how it turned out!
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Uncovered in the Archives

I skipped over this image when I originally processed photos from this trip. I'm glad that I revisited the folder!
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Originally shared by +Yosemite National Park Workshops

Valley View Calm Evening Reflection
I found this image while revisiting a folder of images from a prior visit. It's hard to believe that I let it sit for so long!
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A Peaceful Moment in Yosemite

The moon and Half Dome, as seen from Ahwanee Meadow.
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Originally shared by +Yosemite National Park Workshops

Moon Over half Dome
This is an older photo of the moon over Yosemite's Half Dome that I just re-processed in Adobe Lightroom 5, Photomatix 5, and converted to black and white in onOne Perfect Effects 8.

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California Wildflower Season Begins

After catching the moon, Mars and Venus setting behind Mount Whitney Friday night, +Lori Hibbett and I continued south to Antelope Valley to check on the progress of the wildflowers, which will be blooming over the next 9 weeks. Many areas still have weeks to go before peak bloom, but some warm, well-lit locations like this are blooming a little early. This faces southeast, so the rocks reflect sunlight and radiate heat onto the patch of wildflowers below, bringing spring a little early.
I can't wait to get back out to Death Valley and surrounding areas when much of the Mojave Desert is blooming! Some folks are predicting the best bloom since the epic year of 2005, and in many places I've seen so far this year, I think that they're right.
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Originally shared by +Eastern Sierra Nevada Workshops

Red Rock Canyon State Park Last Friday
Wildflowers in the Mojave Desert near the town Mojave.

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Moon, Mars and Venus Conjunction over Mount Whitney

I was evaluating places to capture the moon with Mars and Venus nearby last Friday, and +Lori Hibbett suggested, "How about Mount Whitney?" Mount Whitney is the highest peak in America's contiguous 48 states, and is has a nice, pointy summit. I checked with +The Photographer's Ephemeris, and sure enough, there were several positions we could shoot from and capture the moon and planets setting.

Shooting the actual event was just as straightforward as expected based on the predictions. As the moon and planets set in the first location closest to the mountain, we moved back to the next location and captured them setting again. The sky was getting a little dark by the third location, roughly 2 hours after sunset, so it was time to head in for dinner at that point.

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Bridalveil Fall Reflection

I'm having good luck re-processing some old Yosemite images from the 2002 – 2009 time frame, produced before some of the newer versions of +Adobe Photoshop Lightroom. I'll leave many of the older images up for comparison, so I'm putting many of the newer ones on my +Yosemite National Park Workshops page.

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Originally shared by +Yosemite National Park Workshops

Bridalveil Fall in Late Summer
Bridalveil Creek is spring-fed, so it isn't as dependent on spring snowmelt as some of the other waterfalls in Yosemite Valley, but its flow can still get pretty meager in dry years.

This is a re-edit of a photo I took in August 2007. I produced this new version in +Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5 and +HDRsoft Photomatix 5 (HDR) software.
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