Bodie Night and Interior Access Sessions, Starting at $245!

Our first Bodie workshop of the year is coming up next month! We have just a few spaces left in the combined workshop for both, so we're opening up registration for a separate night workshop or morning interior access session in Bodie on May 24 for people who want one or the other:

We have FAQ and registration here:

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Light Painting in Death Valley and Nevada

A new blog post with notes and photos from a week in the field with a new light painting tool to master:
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New Light Painting Tool in the Bag
I spent a week in March getting to know the ProtoMachines LED2 light in Death Valley National Park and Nevada. I used it under the Milky Way, with star trails, light painting subjects near and far, with and without moonlight.

I'll use the LED2 more over the next 6 week to practice for our light painting session in Bodie on the night of May 24. Currently we're offering the night bundled with interior access earlier that morning, but we'll soon offer them separately as well to fill the last few spaces:

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First Results With a ProtoMachines LED2 Light

Star Trails Over Pliocene Clay Lake Bed

Star Trails over erosion patterns in Pliocene-era bentonite clay in a former lake bed in rural Nevada.

The eroded hills were partially lit by the moon, but also illuminated using a ProtoMachines LED2 light set to approximately the same color temperature as moonlight.

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Two days after a rain shower in Death Valley, March 2015.

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Water in the Desert
Unfortunately this is salty water, so it's not a place that anyone would be stopping for a drink. The 20 mule teams which used to haul borax out of Death Valley carried their own massive tanks of water for the mules.

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This was captured a few minutes earlier than that last photo shared from my +Jeff Sullivan Photography page

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Salty Sunrise in Death Valley
A salty spring at dawn in Death Valley National Park.

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I'm posting more to my pages lately, to see if there can be signs of life on that side of the G+ platform

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First Light on the Tucki Mountains
The sun shines on the Tucki Mountains in Death Valley National Park, over a salty spring in March 2015.

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Catch the Milky Way in the Early Morning Hours This Month

The Milky Way rises over the Badwater Salt Flats in the early morning hours in late March.

This is one of several new photos I've added to my G+ pages +Jeff Sullivan Photography and +Death Valley Workshops.
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Originally shared by +Jeff Sullivan Photography

Milky Way Over Badwater Basin
Light painting the salt flats under the Milky Way in Death Valley's Badwater Basin, March 2015.

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Virgin Mountain, Nevada

Special interests are trying to convert federal land to state control in Nevada. There are hearings today on Nevada Assembly Bill AB408 in Carson City and Las Vegas today. To preserve access to your public lands, register your opposition to this land grab here:

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