Fall Colors in Nevada Last Weekend

It was great seeing +Swee Oh +Cynthia Pyun +Mitchell Weinstock +Tim Gupta +Bob Bowman +Larry Nienkark +Sam Breach and others on our way out of town last weekend. +Lori Hibbett and I ended up doing an 1100-mile photography tour of Nevada, and like other trips through, we barely scratched the surface. We'll take more trips through and around our home state, including some slower ones where we can explore the the great sites we discovered in more detail.

More of my Nevada photos on G+: https://plus.google.com/photos/+JeffreySullivan/albums/5712642035357745425/6073846941716180962?pid=6073846941716180962&oid=107459220492917008623

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On a Dry Lake Bed Somewhere in Nevada

+Lori Hibbett and I woke up and packed our camp near this dry lake bed earlier this week. We were in the middle of nowhere, over an hour's drive from the nearest town big enough to have a gas station, but we saw a nondescript white pickup truck drive out onto this dry lake bed. Three men got out and started setting something up. We started driving out the long dirt road back towards the highway, but another white pickup truck was coming down the one lane road, so we pulled over. The driver stopped his truck next to us, and asked if the other men had talked to us. They hadn't. He said that they were doing something for the military and he advised that we not go towards the far end of the lake bed. We asked if he could tell us why. He couldn't. We thanked him for his advice and went on our way. The second vehicle parked at the turnoff from the dirt road to the dry lake bed, as if to guard it. Of course we were curious now, but whatever the three men had been doing was completely put away, and they remained by the truck doing nothing as we drove out. You never know what you're going to encounter when you explore remote areas of Nevada, but it's often something interesting.

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Solar Eclipse at 640mm Effective Focal Length

I was able to catch a sharper image this time around by putting my Canon EF 70-200 mm lens and 2X teleconverter on a Canon 70D "crop sensor" camera, which increased the 400 mm focal length 1.6X to 640 mm effective. I also used a solar filter to cut the sun's radiation enough to be able to focus using 10X magnification in Live View without frying my camera sensor.

I was pleased to see that my camera sensor was able to pick up variations across the surface of the sun.

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Today's Solar Eclipse is Underway

The eclipse is underway here in the American West, peaking at 2:45 in Carson City, Nevada. Check your local eclipse schedule on this site: http://earthsky.org/tonight/partial-solar-eclipse-for-north-america-on-october-23

Don't fry your eyes looking at it directly. If you don't have protective eyewear specifically made for watching solar eclipses, watch it online now, here at Slooh: http://live.slooh.com/stadium/live/highlight-partial-solar-eclipse-2014

I captured this photo using a special solar filter, during the solar eclipse on May 20, 2012

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How to Photograph Comet Siding Spring by Mars This Weekend

Comet Siding Spring is approaching and passing Mars this weekend, October 18-19. I've placed some notes and sample images on my blog to help you pursue photos of the event:
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Photographing Comets

Comet Siding Spring will approach Mars tonight and pass the red planet tomorrow, Sunday October 19, 2014. I performed many lens and exposure tests on Comet Lovejoy in late 2013 and early 2014, with and without a star-tracking mount. Here are some of the results, rendered as time-lapse video.

The music used for this clip is "My Celestial Spacesuit" by 2Placid: https://www.facebook.com/abstraktprizmuk

See my YouTube channel for more night photography:

I'm processing time-lapse video from the total lunar eclipse last week, and the Orionid meteor shower is active this week, so I'll probably upload videos from those events later this week. I hope to also capture some footage of Comet Siding Spring near Mars, weather permitting. You can see a cool NASA visualization of how Comet Siding Spring will pass Mars in this video: http://youtu.be/FG4KsatjFeI

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Eastern Sierra Fall Colors Report October 16, 2014 for Mono County

Fall colors have survived the recent winds better than expected, so come on up! More information and and photos on my blog: http://activesole.blogspot.com/2014/10/fall-colors-report-eastern-sierra-October-16-2014-mono-county.html
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In Album Mono County California

Orionid Meteor Shower Underway, Peaks October 20-21

If you'd like to see some shooting stars, you'll have an excellent chance on the next few nights as the Orionid meteor shower increases in intensity, peaking on the night of October 20-21. Orionid meteors are created from the dust left behind from Halley's Comet as it orbits the sun. They meteors can appear anywhere in the sky, but they appear to radiate out from the constellation Orion, which rises to the east around 11-11:30 local time.

There's a possible minor peak in the shower reported on October 17-18 as well, so I'll go out tonight in a couple of hours when Orion has cleared the horizon, and see if I can see any activity.

I created this image tonight from a sequence of a few hundred photos I captured on the night of October 20-21, 2012. The constellation Orion rose above the horizon near the lower left corner of this 14 mm view, and it traveled to the upper right corner before dawn arrived. I created a time-lapse video of this meteor shower as well, and I'll put that in a blog post so you can see it.

See my Orionid meteor shower time-lapse video on YouTube: http://activesole.blogspot.com/2012/10/orionid-meteor-shower-2012-time-lapse.html
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Eastern Sierra Fall Colors Report October 16, 2014 for Mono County

Fall colors have survived the recent winds better than expected, so come on up!
More information and and photos on my blog: http://activesole.blogspot.com/2014/10/fall-colors-report-eastern-sierra-October-16-2014-mono-county.html
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Fall Colors Report for Eastern Sierra Mono County October 16, 2014
Eastern Sierra fall colors, Mono County October 8, 2014 The latest reports are saying that many locations survived this week’s wind storms better expected, and although there are many many bare trees at higher elevations, the…

Eastern Sierra Fall Colors Last Week

We'll be back out this Friday… hopefully there will be some colorful leaves left after the winds over the last couple of days.

Originally shared by +Eastern Sierra Nevada Workshops

Eastern Sierra Fall Colors , Week of October 5 – 10
A lot has changed here in the Eastern Sierra over the last few days due to 24 hours of high winds, but here's how it looked last week. The Mono Basin probably had the greenest trees, most likely to survive the winds, including the areas around June Lake Loop, Lee Vining Creek and Mill Creek.
Blog: www.MyPhotoGuides.com
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Blood moon and Uranus

Last Wednesday, October 8, 2014. Here's one of my old blog posts describing shooting the August 28, 2007 lunar eclipse:
Lessons Learned: Photographing the Lunar Eclipse

Blog: http://www.jeffsullivanphotography.com/
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Supermoon Rise Over Mono Lake

The night of the lunar eclipse last week started with the moon rise just before sunset. I caught the moon rising at Mono Lake.

There may be only one day a month when you can capture a moon rise at sunset like this as I describe in this old blog post from 2006:
How To Plan for Great Full Moon Rise and Set Shots!
I talk in the blog post about having a calendar in "your cell phone or PDA"… does anyone remember the old Palm Treo 650? That's what I had before the original Droid!
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Lunar Eclipse Setting Over Convict Lake

I captured the landscape around Convict Lake, well lit by the moonlight as the eclipse started, then I captured the moon at roughly 8 minute intervals thereafter and merged the sequential images into the original exposure.

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Touch and Go

It's not uncommon for planes to practice landings here on Topaz Lake in the fall after the winds calm down and after fishing season closes and there are fewer boats on the water. But the four planes this morning practicing touch and go passes were unique: they had wheels, not pontoons!
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Bodie Church in the Moonlight

Here's an awesome star trails image by +Swee Oh particularly nice since it was her first one! Bodie is a cool place to shoot at night, and moonlight enables the town and landscape to show up well with minimal noise in your photos.

We had a full moon on that night in June 2012, and we'll enjoy similar conditions when we return to Bodie this Saturday, October 4 with the moon 84% full.

For that visit to Bodie, we gathered photos after the trip in a group on Google's +Panoramio site, it's sad to see that Google site going away.

+Bodie Photo Workshops http://www.jeffsullivanphotography.com/blog/bodie-night-photography-workshops/
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Originally shared by +Swee Oh

The Methodist Church, Bodie CA
My 1st star trails shot, thanks so much to +Jeffrey Sullivan and +Lori Hibbett for teaching me how to do this.
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Google Maps Views, set to Replace Panoramio?

The sphere-viewing feature should have been added to Panoramio for the millions of users already loyal to that service for up to 9 years already.

Sign the petition:
Google – Keep The Panoramio Community Alive!

Statement by the Panoramio Founders:
Open Questions about the Panoramio Migration

Was it necessary to obscure 90% of Panoramio views after the transfer?
(Update: apparently Panoramio views should transfer, so they simply must not have done so yet.)
Will Panoramio photos have their priorities similarly discounted in after the transfer?
(To clarify, the question was whether Views photos will trump Panoramio photos in Google Earth, since photos seem to get more engagement in Views.)
So many questions remain.
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Google Tolerating Copyright Infringement Makes it Much Worse

Why does Google+ only take down one photograph when an account is clearly flooded with posts of stolen photos?
"Images with unenforced copyrights lose their ability to generate direct income for several reasons. First is death by search engine burial. I depend on a high search ranking, as most clients arrive to my website using Google. Yet the churning tides of Facebook, 9gag, and imgur make it harder and harder for prospective customers to find my actual website in the search soup of my uncredited images. I am too often competing—and losing—against uncredited copies of my own work. If clients do track me down, they have little incentive to buy. Who wants to pay for an image that is already everywhere?"

Google+ results show up in Google Search, and G+ posts can indirectly promote infringing uses over the creator's own copies of a photo as well. The DMCA takedown process is a minimum response; Google profits from serving ads against the infringing search results for posts it tolerates on G+. Surely Google can do better. Google could help content creators find and address copyright infringement, especially on Google's own services.
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Bugging out: How rampant online piracy squashed one insect photographer
Most copyright holders are individuals; most infringers are businesses. Things are broken.

The Adventure of Life in 4K

Nice demo Reel for the new GoPro HERO4!

HERO4 Black
2x the performance, yet again. Simply the best.

"Features 4K30, 2.7K50 and 1080p120 video, 12MP photos up to 30 frames per second, built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth®, and Protune™ for photos and video. Waterproof to 131’ (40m)."

- See more at: http://shop.gopro.com/cameras/hero4-black/CHDHX-401.html#.dpuf
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