Perseid Meteor Shower 2010-2012

The annual Perseid meteor shower is considered to be active from July 13th to August 26th, peaking around the night of August 12-13. The weather and moon phase don't always cooperate to offer great viewing conditions, so it can take time to accumulate enough photos to put together a long time-lapse video.

In 2014 I assembled time-lapse clips from the previous recent years to set to this song "While the Sun Was Sleeping" by Life Audience.

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2014 Perseid Meteor Shower Peaks Tonight!
In honor of the 2014 Perseid Meteor shower peaking tonight, I offer you time-lapse clips from the 2010-2012 Perseids in the first 1:49 of this video. All of the footage in it was compiled during my travels in recent years. I hope that you enjoy it!
You can see more of my time-lapse videos on my YouTube channel here:
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Annual Perseid Meteor Shower Coming Aug 11-14

As I mentioned with my time-lapse video share yesterday, the earth passes through the comet debris that causes the Perseid meteor shower for a few weeks, but the activity peaks around the night of August 12-13. The meteor activity is high for a while on either side of the peak so it can be productive to look in the August 11-14 timeframe.

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Perseid Meteor Shower Composite, 2013
I'm still working on my images from the Camelopardalid meteor shower last night. So in the meantime to kill some time while last night's images process, I produced this composite image showing 40 meteors from 4 hours of the Perseid meteor shower early in the morning of August 12, 2013.

These meteors appear in my time-lapse video of the 2013 Perseid Meteor shower on YouTube: Perseid Meteor Shower 2013

Here's the rest of my Astrophotography album on G+ so far:
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Blast from the G+ Past

This album was created on G+ by Google, from photos included in my +Blogger blog posts from 2006 through 2011. When I posted this album on August 29, 2011 I had 3403 contacts and the post received 90 +1s and over 30 shares. G+ was truly a vibrant community then. Yesterday with over 2,000,000 contacts, ranked #52 on G+ among individuals in the U.S. by +CircleCount (, most active post had 42 +1s and no post had more than 1 share.

Yesterday on +Facebook, +Robert Scoble said,
"When I speak around the world I ask people what social networks they use. Nearly no one is on Google+. Google finally is realizing they lost. I don't see good things ahead for Google+."

Having invested a chunk of my life to the community, to the platform, I hope that +Yonatan Zunger and the Google engineering teams can resurrect G+, but I don't think that the core strategic problems or resolutions lie with +YouTube or other Google product integration, as the recent post by +Bradley Horowitz seemed to say.

Removing integration would be a required step towards dropping G+ or hiding the functionality inside of something else, so perhaps Scoble's thoughts offer some valuable insight.

I'm still rooting for Google+, but actions speak louder than words, and I'm not seeing much action, much life left in it.

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Images from my Blog
Here's an album Google+ auto-created from posts to my blog at

I thought it was a regular Picasa album, so I started to delete duplicates… then after the first few dozen, I actually read the warning that doing so would also delete the photos from my blog. Oops.

Feel free to share these if you like (thanks!). I shared the album early on when I first joined Google+ and had few circle contacts, so few people have seen them so far.


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Revisiting the Original G+

It's nice to see the engagement and dialog that was present and possible early on on G+, like this post from August 30, 2011. What might have become of G+ if content, engagement and friendships had been allowed to grow organically?

This was one of three albums of photos I assembled from a month of travels around Turkey the year before, in Istanbul, along the coast, and to ancient sites away from the coast. The trip was a wonderful experience, fueling my desire to travel more as time and finances permit.

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Istanbul, Turkey
I've been to Europe, Canada, Mexico, Australia and New Zealand, so I wanted to try something a little more adventurous this time. I heard a fair amount of warnings before the trip (given all the propaganda Americans have been fed over the past 10 years, plus State Department warnings), but the people were very welcoming and generous, especially when the car broke down in a stone village which had more tractors than cars, with no one around who spoke English.

For some reason you won't get comment boxes on individual photos if you click on the photos below; you have to go straight to the album this way:
I've let +Brian Rose know so the Photos team can take a look at that.


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Annual Perseid Meteor Shower Coming Aug 11-14

The earth passes through the comet debris that causes the Perseid meteor shower for a few weeks, but the activity peaks around the night of August 12-13. The meteor activity is high for a while on either side of the peak so it can be productive to look in the August 11-14 timeframe.

Create a Time-lapse Video of a Meteor Shower

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Perseid Meteor Shower 2013 – Time-lapse Astrophotography
Over six minutes of footage from recent nights, set to the InFiction remix of David Bowie's "Let's Dance", as featured in the recent Kia commercial.

For best results and to see the most meteors, be sure and watch it on YouTube and use the option at the bottom to watch it in HD, either 720P or 1080P HD resolution.

I've given this a few hours head start on G+… +87 so far… now I'll try it on another site and let's see which results in the most response.

Winter in Wine Country

I'm still getting used to the new Collections functionality. Some of my shares to Collects get a lot of visibility and engagement, now most seem not to. The same is true for my G+ post through too, so I'll try and save a few more posts to Collections and see if that results in anything positive.

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Winter in Wine Country
Winter is a great time for photographers to visit wine country. The symmetry of the rows in the vineyards can add patterns or leading lines to your compositions. If you're into wine it's also a great time to chat with winemakers, as their Fall harvest is tucked safely away into barrels and the vines are dormant. As Spring arrives, wild mustard often colors the space between the vines.

In California we're particularly lucky to have a wide selection of wine regions, producing an incredible variety of world class wines. Most wineries offer hours when they're open for tasting, and with many of the wine regions lying not far from the Bay Area or Los Angeles, finding wines you like can be a fun weekend pursuit.

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New Photographing California Guidebook

Here's the preview copy I received over the weekend, with other books in the series by the same publisher. Sign up on my blog to hear when hardcopies and ebooks are available, including author-signed copies:

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New California Landscape Photography Guidebook Coming Soon

New California Photography Guidebook, Chapter Covers

I received a preview hardcopy of my new 320-page guidebook to California landscape photography locations. If you'd like to be notified when it goes on sale soon, you can sign up via the form in this blog post:
I'll offer both fast-shipping copies as well as author-signed ones, and an ebook version will be available as well.

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Milky Way Over Bodie Firehouse

Bodie Firehouse just after midnight during our June 13 night photography workshop in Bodie. It looks like we have enough experienced/returning night shooters in our workshops this Saturday to open up a couple of spots for interiors only and night only. I'll add them to the enrollment buttons later today:

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+Bodie Photo Workshops


California Landscape Photography Guidebook Coming September 2015

Coming soon to a bookstore near you!  It’s 325 pages long, and covers sites from Yosemite to San Diego.

The first print run of books should getting loaded on a ship any day now.  I’ll receive an initial box of 150 from that shipment, so when they’re close to arriving I’ll set up a form to take pre-orders for author-signed copies.

It all started with my purchase of “Photographing the Southwest Vol. 1: Southern Utah” by Laurent Martres.  I wore out the first copy that I bought ten years ago, so I was on my second copy when I started working on this California book with Laurent as my publisher in 2010.  It has been a long road, but I’m glad that I drove so many miles over so many years to produce this guide to help you explore the same places a little more efficiently.

Want to be successful on Facebook in 2015? Let the visual components of your post drive your engagement!

Hey fellow photographers, you have to love this!

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Want to be successful on Facebook in 2015? Let the visual components of your post drive your engagement!

According to +Simply Measured's new study, photos are the most successful content type on Facebook, but since 2013, brands have been posting more links and fewer photos!


Yosemite With Pride

We were in Yosemite to celebrate my mothers's birthday last week. I don't think that she had eaten at the +The Ahwahnee Hotel before, so we treated her to a meal there as a special treat during the family reunion week. Since it was a special occasion, I brought my last bottle of '98 +Pride Mountain Vineyards merlot, and we enjoyed it prior to heading over for dinner. Then it turned out that The Ahwahnee had the 2012 Pride merlot, so we tried that with dinner! Although separated by 14 years of age, both wines displayed Pride's excellent site and microclimate, their ability to grow great grapes and not screw them up in the winemaking process. I miss the place; I need to get back up there soon.

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Yosemite With Pride Mountain Vineyards Merlot