A Day in a Wild West Mining Town

The California Gold Rush was started by the discovery of gold at Sutter's Mill in 1848. In 1959 W. S. Bodey discovered gold east of the Sierra Nevada, and the rest is history. Fortunately we can explore that history due to local families preserving the town until it became Bodie State Historic Park in 1962. The town is preserved in a state of "arrested decay", and the interiors of the buildings have been left largely untouched for over 50 years.

We head out there from before dawn, and spend a long day with sunrise, sunset, two golden hours, six hours of access to interiors, and from the time the park closes at 6 pm into the night at 1 am. It's a marathon, but one full of unique photographic opportunities.
I've created a new blog post outlining a typical schedule:

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+Bodie Photo Workshops : http://www.jeffsullivanphotography.com/blog/bodie-night-photography-workshops/

A Photo Workshop Day and Night in Bodie
Pre-dawn light at the bullwheel First light on Main Street So what’s a photography workshop in Bodie like? Let’s go through the approximate schedule for this coming Sunday. This will be our first one where doing interiors i…

Milky Way Rising Behind Joshua Trees

The Milky Way rises to the east behind Joshua Trees, an iconic indicator of the Mojave Desert ecosystem.

I've added this photo and the time-lapse video created from the same photos to my blog post showing photos and video that I captured:

Time-lapse of the Milky Way Rising in the Mojave Desert

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Time-lapse of the Milky Way Rising in the Mojave Desert

1937 Chevy Under Partial Moonlight

This is the '37 Chevy in Bodie under a crescent moon during our May 3, 2014 night photography workshop. We'll have slightly brighter conditions for our workshop in Bodie this weekend, which should be great for light painting: www.JeffSullivanPhotography.com

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No Unicorns, but Plenty of Rainbows!

My fun with the new LG G4 continues with these rainbows last night. I've added seven more photos to my LG G4 album, and there's a new write-up on my blog:
At the End of the Rainbow: More LG G4 Sample Photos

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Storm Chasing in Nevada

At Topaz Lake on the California/Nevada border, +Lori Hibbett and I had a storm pass by earlier this month. We decided to chase it east into Smith Valley to see if we could catch some lightning photos. We didn't catch the storm there; it continued over the next set of mountains to sit south of Yerington. So we headed through Wilson Canyon and headed south, ending up in the Cambridge Hills as the skies cleared towards the setting sun, and sunset color spread under the storm clouds.

The storm was to the west, the sun was shining under it from the east, and we were under the edge, which ran north and south. We had some great opportunities as the sun went from yellow to orange, and the clouds took on shades at the blue end of the spectrum.

We stuck around to capture a time-lapse of the clouds moving as the storm dissipated, and as the nearly-full moon rose behind them.

See the rest of the story in my new blog post:
Storm Chasing in Nevada

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Exploring an American Ghost Town

I received a preview unit of the new LG G4 smartphone last week, just in time for a workshop I was leading last Wednesday in Bodie. The first photo is an unedited HDR mode photo, the rest went through my usual workflow of making a few minor adjustments in Adobe Lightroom.

These were some of my first photos taken on the phone, so I mainly used Auto and HDR modes. The HDR mode was critical to eliminating blown out skies and evening out the uneven lighting indoors.

Over the following days I started exploring the option to shoot close-ups, work with RAW file output. The RAW output offers increases quality when you have time to post-process it, and a matching JPG for when you don't: http://www.jeffsullivanphotography.com/blog/2015/05/18/new-lg-g4-smartphone-review-raw-file-output/

I have 34 samples in my LG G4 album so far, mostly from the afternoon walking around Bodie: https://plus.google.com/photos/+JeffreySullivan/albums/6150346956545894305

I'll be back out over the next few days, so it'll be fun to see how the camera performs under a variety of conditions.

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Another LG G4 Sample Photo

LG G4 smartphone photo, shot in RAW and adjusted in Adobe Lightroom. More Samples: http://activesole.blogspot.com/2015/05/new-lg-g4-smartphone-raw-file-review.html

There is a ‪#G4Preview‬ Tour underway to introduce people to this phone hands-on. Follow @G4Preview on Twitter for the latest Tour locations.
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The New LG G4: RAW Files From a Smartphone?

Here's my first impression of the new LG G4 after a few days use, and the RAW output in particular is really impressive… http://www.jeffsullivanphotography.com/blog/2015/05/18/new-lg-g4-smartphone-review-raw-file-output/

There is an LG G4 Preview Tour underway to introduce people to this phone hands on. Follow @G4Preview on Twitter for updates on the latest #G4Preview Tour locations.

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New LG G4 Smartphone Review: Raw File Output!

Testing Focus and DOF at About 3-4", HDR
LG G4 unadjusted, cropped, shot in HDR mode

Over the last few days I’ve had the opportunity to try the new LG G4 smartphone.  I’m going to skip to the end and encourage you to enter to win one, and check the see if the @G4Preview tour currently underway will be near you, so you can try one out as well: http://t.co/rg7c9Am1RP

I’ve been watching the larger phones to decide when to jump in, and the LG G3 was reviewed as competitive with the top models on the market, especially for camera performance, so I was eager to try this new model out.  Here’s the basic overview:

“The LG G4 comes equipped with one of the best cameras on the market not only for any smartphone, but for digital cameras in general.” Highlighted features include: 
  • f/1.8 Lowlight Lens, 
  • Manual Mode, 
  • Optical Image Stabilization, 
  • Laser Autofocus, 
  • High-res Image Sensors (16mp rear camera, 8mp front camera for great selfies)
  • Color Spectrum Sensor in addition to many, many more features
It’s an attractive phone right out of the box, with its leather case and curved screen.  Inside you’ll find a microSD slot capable of up to 2TB of additional storage, and a 3000 mAh removable battery.

Leather case!


The slight curve to its face makes the LG G4 easy to hold

So far so good, but I’m all about the camera.  In particular, the reviews I’ve seen so far highlighted the image stabilization, and as an avid DSLR shooter, I know the advantages of RAW format.  I’ve been waiting for years for access to higher quality RAW files from a high resolution smartphone.

So let’s get right to it.  Have you every tried to capture a decent photo of a California poppy?  Most digital cameras do crazy things with the white balance and color, but as you can see at the top above, the Color Spectrum Sensor measured a perfect white balance and created a stunning result right out of camera.  Click on the photo to see the higher resolution original.

Now let’s look at another unedited shot, straight out of camera, captured in low light using the camera’s HDR mode. Like every automatically created JPG, the camera made some automatic adjustments, and there is some compression in the output when you view it in detail, as we should expect:

Looks great for most uses, but click on the image to see what auto-created JPG looks like up close.

It’s great to have 16 megapixel, 5312 x 2988 results, and no doubt it’ll look good on a standard monitor or printed to common prints sizes, but on this phone, can we use another mode to do even better if we really want to dial up the quality?

Shot in RAW and adjusted, saved to JPG, yielding MUCH higher quality!  Click on the photo to inspect

When you look at this new image up close, the result speaks for itself.  RAW files to the rescue!  The prior image, automatically adjusted and saved to JPG, looks great and would work fine for most uses, but if you might want to blow the result up into a larger print, the RAW file is clearly the way to go.

I’m still trying out the other features of the phone.  The image stabilization is truly superior.  The panorama mode is solid.  I still need to try out the 4K video on a worthy subject.  We’ve had some dull, gray, rainy weather over the weekend, but it looks like we may have better light for the next few days, so I can show you what this device can do under a variety of interesting conditions.

Follow my Twitter account @JeffSullPhoto for links to my latest sample images, and follow @LGPreview on as well for updates on the LG G4 Preview Tour.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of LG. The opinions and text are all mine.

Southern California Photography Locations

Now that I'm done exploring new areas for my Southern California guidebook, I should have more time to also write or expand blog posts covering some of those areas. The book will only cost an amount equivalent to a few gallons of gas or a fraction of one night's stay at a motel, so if it can make your own travels and explorations only slightly more productive, it should prove to be a worthy investment.

The book will be available in both 320-page printed format, as well as ebook.

I'll make a little more when I sell the book directly, so I'll take pre-orders for author-signed copies as the release date approaches. It would be cool to sell the first box of 150 before it arrives!

I'm building a "book interest" circle to tell people about the book when it ships, let me know if you want to be added to it!

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Route 66 in the Mojave Desert
Amboy and beyond.

New blog post: http://activesole.blogspot.com/2015/05/route-66-in-mojave-desert.html

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Route 66 in the Mojave Desert
Roy’s Motel Cafe alongside historic Route 66 In the spring months I’m often passing through the Mojave Desert, which puts me on historic Route 66. There are a number of old houses and businesses along the way, mostly in va…

California's North Coast

I'm adding some photos to my Northern California album on G+ so I can add them to a blog post on some of my travels there:

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Milky Way Rise and Star Trails

An arch in Joshua Tree National Park, California that I shot for my upcoming 320-page landscape photography guidebook. It's off to the printers and should arrive in September or so: www.PhotoTripUSA.com. I'll post here on G+ when I'm confident enough in the delivery date to take orders for author-signed copies.

This image was placed in my new Star Trails album on G+:

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Bodie 2016 Calendar Cover Image!

Congratulations to +Ryan Watamura for having his image selected for the cover of the 2016 Bodie calendar! The Bodie Foundation conducts an annual contest to select images for their calendar, which raises funds for building stabilization in the park.

This "Angel of Bodie" statue is in the Bodie Cemetery, marking the grave of three year old Evelyn Myers.

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+Bodie Photo Workshops

Originally shared by +Ryan Watamura

The Angel of Bodie.

Known as the "Angel of Bodie," Evelyn was the daughter of Fannie O. and Albert K. Myers. She was accidentally struck on the head by a pick axe while a drainage ditch was dug around their house. +Bodie Photo Workshops +Jeff Sullivan +Lori Hibbett +Maximilian Laue #bodie #bodiephotoworkshops #bodiefoundation #angel #angelofbodie


Ghost Town Star Trails

A star trails shot from last year covering about 30 minutes of time by the 1937 Chevy in Bodie. It's hard to believe that our first Bodie workshop of the year is coming up in less than 2 weeks!

This image was placed in my new Star Trails album on G+:

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